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PhD position: Development of photo-click based radiopharmaceuticals for PET

Within the Tracerlab consortium, a new ultrafast photoclick reaction has recently been published in high impact journals ( IF > 15). We aim to further build on this work by improving the radiochemical synthesis, the automation and the clinical translation of this method to investigate biological targets that are highly clinical relevant. The research includes optimization and translation of our recently published photoclick method. For dissemination of the photoclick method we aim to develop a toolkit for easy Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) implementation applicable in nuclear medicine facilities. The GMP-compliant method will be applied for novel radiopharmaceuticals for investigation of bacterial infections and specific targets in oncology. Furthermore the scope will be broadened to multimodal imaging and theranostic agents. The PhD-student will develop new radiochemistry synthesis methods, the relevant radiopharmaceuticals and will perform the necessary biological experiments to evaluate the suitability for imaging purposes.

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PhD position

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For potential applications via Humbold Foundation, Marie Curie or NWO-VENI program, please contact Prof. Ben Feringa.